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Jiang Su Han Gao Machinery co.,ltd is located at No. 166 Fengyuan Road, Ru Cheng town,Ru Gao city, Jiang Su province. Superior location and the convenient transportation. We are 3 km from G15 highway Rugao exit, 3 km from the train station. It covers 13600㎡.
Currently we have 170 employees, we can offer 25-30 moulds, 8-12 checking fixtures and 5-10 non-standard equipments per month.
Our company own independent research and design ability, precision machining and testing equipments. We are mainly engaged in design, production and service for all kinds of automotive interior moulds, checking fixtures, and non-standard automation equipments.

Production equipment
We have 5 gantry machining centers, 2 vertical machining centers, 1 precision coordinate, 2 frame press, 1 four-column press.
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